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The Sierra Club Endorses Dr. Ami Bera for Congress

ELK GROVE, CA - Today, the largest grassroots environmental organization in the nation endorsed Dr. Ami Berafor Congress in California’s 7th Congressional District.

The Sierra Club pointed to Dr. Bera’s commitment to growing California’s new energy economy, and his support for innovation in clean energy research and development.

"Dr. Bera has shown his commitment to moving our country forward towards a clean energy future. He knows that the hard work and action we take today will help keep our air and water safe and healthy for future generations. Growing a new energy economy and training the workforce to implement and support it is vital to the well-being of our communities," said Barbara Leary, Chair of the Sacramento Group, Sierra Club. 

Bera stood up to efforts that would have weakened our nation’s clean air standards, and fought for scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to get the support they need to study climate science and climate change.

By contrast, Bera’s opponent, Scott Jones, told reporters “I just don’t know” when he was asked if he believed that humans contributed to climate change.

“Climate change is real, and anyone that questions the science behind it is doing a disservice to the debate on how to address it moving forward,” said Rep. Ami Bera. “Not only do we need to address climate change as a national security issue, but we also have to deal with it in order to protect California’s economy. I’m proud to earn the Sierra Club’s endorsement as I work to protect our state’s natural resources, create new energy jobs, and grow our economy.”

Bera, who is a member of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, has taken a firm stand on the science of climate change, and supported tax credits that promote innovation and development in wind, solar, and other clean energy technologies.