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Karl Rove shady attack group distorts Bera’s record of results

Dr. Ami Bera’s campaign released the following statement after a deep-pocketed special interest group started by Bush mastermind Karl Rove began airing TV attack ads against Bera and his bipartisan record delivering for Sacramento County.

"Former Congressman Doug Ose is hiding behind his friend Karl Rove's baseless attacks to shield his extreme record on women's health," said Bera campaign spokesperson Allison Teixeira. "The truth is that while Dr. Bera has fought to put patients first and championed women's health for his entire career, Doug Ose, like Karl Rove, is one of those politicians who thinks he can dictate to women what should be private, personal health decisions, including whether a woman has access to birth control."

Ami Bera is a physician who's been fighting to fix the parts of the Affordable Care Act that aren't working. He knows that we need to bring the cost of health care down for middle class families, so he introduced the bipartisan Small Business and Family Relief Act (HR 3367), which would save families an average of $600 annually. Endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Ami Bera is also a champion of women's health. He introduced the Women’s Preventive Health Awareness Campaign Act (H.R. 2457), a bill calling for the Department of Health and Human Services to launch a national public outreach campaign to raise awareness about the importance of women’s wellness visits. Bera also voted for the Keep Your Plan Act (H.R. 3350) so that Americans can keep the health plan that works for them.

Karl Rove's interest group, Crossroads GPS, is funded by New York billionaires supporting an agenda of tax cuts for wealthy Wall Street and corporate CEOs while forcing the middle class to carry an even heavier burden.

Dr. Ami Bera represents Sacramento County in Congress. He’s working to make Congress a place for service and fighting to rebuild an economy that works for middle class families. As a leader of the No Labels Problem Solvers, Bera is leading the charge to find bipartisan solutions to our nation’s challenges.