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Jones Fact Check: US Attorney Said Neither Bera Nor Campaign Knew of Finance Violations US Attorney notes investigation has been closed


Tonight, in an attempt to distract from the sexual harassment scandal dogging his campaign, Scott Jones made misleading statements on the campaign finance investigation into 2010 and 2012 donations. 

  •  Jones and his campaign have previously made unsubstantiated claims regarding the campaign finance investigation. 
  • The US Attorney has closed this investigation and he stated that neither Bera nor his campaign knew about his father’s violations.  


On September 16, Acting U.S. Attorney Phillip A. Talbert announced that the Justice Department had officially concluded the case, and stated “no other charges will be sought in this matter.” This was consistent with what the U.S. Attorney’s actions in May when investigators noted there was no indication Rep. Ami Bera or his staff were involved in the commission of the finance violations: 

L.A. Times 5/10/2016 

Congressman Bera and his campaign staff have been fully cooperative in this investigation," acting U.S. Atty. Phillip A. Talbert said in a news conference Tuesday afternoon. 
To date, there is no indication from what we’ve learned in the investigation that either the congressman or his campaign staff knew of, or participated in, the reimbursements of contributions." 
Jones’ arrogant comments tonight disregard the very statements made by those that investigated and prosecuted this case. With his campaign flailing, Jones has shown a willingness to engage in innuendo and smears. 

In September, as attention shifted to the Sheriff’s sexual harassment scandal, the Jones campaign made unsubstantiated, desperate allegations that the Bera campaign had engaged in criminal activity: 

Congressman Bera’s flagging and increasingly desperate campaign is trying to shift the blame from his campaign’s own illegal — and felonious — behavior to smear someone who has spent 27 years protecting the people of his county… 
- Scott Jones Campaign for Congress Press Release, 9/16/16  

And Scott Jones himself has personally made far-reaching claims counter to the US Attorney’s statement:

Jones last month said that he does not believe that the congressman’s father acted alone in conducting his illegal campaign contributions scheme. 

“I am sorry to hear that at 83 years old, (Babulal) will be going to prison for a crime I do not believe he alone is responsible for,” he said. 
 Although Jones was unavailable for comment prior to the deadline for this article, a spokesperson for Jones said the sheriff had not altered his belief regarding that matter. 

Jones’ latest statements tonight are no surprise as his campaign continues to fly further and further off the rails.