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Fact Check: Scott Jones’ extreme views on Immigration


In tonight’s debate, Scott Jones claimed that he had a plan for fixing our country’s broken immigration system. The truth is his plan includes a wall and mass deportations, just like Donald Trump’s approach. 



  • While Jones’ 393-word post on his website does not go into the details, he’s already said on the record aligns more with Donald Trump’s rhetoric than with the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that Ami Bera co-sponsored in 2013. 


  • Jones also supports the Davis-Oliver bill which could lead to mass deportations, and he has called for a border wall stretching between Mexico and Canada. 




In a 2014 video, Jones is on the record urging the president to build a wall and disparaging immigrants. 


“A Message From Sheriff Scott Jones.” Sacramento Sheriff, Youtube, 11/18/14 


We have a large undocumented population that chooses crime as a way of life, that chooses to victimize others, including in many instances, other undocumented persons who are often unwilling to call us for help. Like their American criminal counterparts, they commit murders, sexual assaults, kidnaps, thefts, engage in violent gang activity, and murder police officers. The problem I have is I can’t tell which ones are good and which ones are evil. 


Jones is also on record supporting the Davis-Oliver act, which “amounts to a strategy for comprehensive mass deportation.” 


Fox 40 reported Sept. 1 

“Jones called for stricter enforcement of immigration policy then, and today he says he's still working to get the Davis Oliver bill passed.” 


The House’s Newest Immigration Plan is Mass Deportation Think Progress 3/17/2015 

The bill would repeal the president’s November 20 immigration directives, which would give 5 million parents and DREAMers temporary legal protection and work authorization; make illegal presence a crime rather than a civil offense; and overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in Arizona v. United States, which rightfully struck down much of S.B.1070, Arizona’s law that put state and local enforcement of immigration on steroids. Taken together, all the bill’s provisions amount to a strategy for comprehensive mass deportation. 


Jones noted in the Sacramento Bee Voter guide that he “oppose[s]” Congress’ comprehensive immigration reform bill. 


And Jones participated at a conference for FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a hate group. Also in attendance was controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 


“FAIR Immigration Report.” May 2015 

For the ninth consecutive year, FAIR organized and hosted a national forum for discussing immigration policy with the American public over the nation’s radio airwaves. Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2015, which took place on April 15 and 16 


Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2015 included a strong presence by sheriffs, elected law enforcement officials from across the country, who came to Washington to discuss the impact of the Obama administration’s policies on public safety in their communities. 


Among those who attended this year was Scott Jones, sheriff of Sacramento County, Calif., who saw one of his deputies gunned down in cold blood last year by a criminal illegal alien who was able to return to the country illegally and establish a new identity after having been deported. 


“ACTIVE HATE GROUPS IN THE UNITED STATES IN 2014.” Southern Poverty Law Center, 3/10/15 

Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) 


In contrast, Ami Bera was the proud co-sponsor of a comprehensive immigration reform bill that had broad bipartisan support in the Senate, that would have secured our borders, addressed the more than 11 million undocumented people living in the United States, and added billions of dollars to the American economy. 


Politico 6/27/2013 

The Senate on Thursday passed the most monumental overhaul of U.S. immigration laws in a generation, which would clear the way for millions of undocumented residents to have a chance at citizenship, attract workers from all over the world and devote unprecedented resources for security along the U.S.-Mexico border. 

The vote was 68-32. Fourteen Republicans crossed the aisle to vote with all Democrats in favor. Thursday’s vote now puts the onus of immigration reform on the Republican-led House, where leaders have been resistant to the Senate legislation. 



Elk Grove Citizen 11/28/2014 

“Now more than ever, Democrats and Republicans have to come together to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that secures our borders, allows our economy to grow, and ensures accountability for new American immigrants. 


Added Bera, “I will continue to work with Republicans, Democrats, and the administration in any way I can to advocate for a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill that truly solves the immigration issues we face.”