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Fact Check: Jones Has Said In the Past Climate Change is “Too Polarizing” to Discuss


Tonight, Scott Jones conveniently forgot his past statements advocating against dealing with climate change or opposing the Paris Agreement.


  • Jones has said climate change is too “polarizing” to tackle.

  • Jones is also on the record saying "he's not sure" about the Paris Agreement, a plan within the United Nations framework ratified by the United States in April, to limit emissions and greenhouse gasses.

  • Jones has touted the authority of arguments made by climate change deniers


In a January 28 interview with the Sacramento Bee, Jones called the discussion on climate change “too polarizing" when asked what Congress should be doing to address climate change.

SacBee 1/28/2016

Q: What, if anything, do you think Congress should be doing about climate change?

A: I am not sure that’s the right discussion to have because that’s very polarizing.

In the same interview, Jones touted the authority of the argument to deny climate change.

SacBee 1/28/2016


The Republicans deny climate change is even happening. And there’s some authority for that. The Democrats, that’s one of their primary issues. And there’s plenty (of) authority for that as well. I think the issue should be: Are the byproducts of our views on climate change worthwhile to pursue? Reducing greenhouse gases, getting cleaner energy sources. Are those worthwhile endeavors? That’s something I think everybody could agree on. Yes, those are things I would love to work on. But if you take them out of the climate change argument then it really becomes less polarizing. Who couldn’t get behind fewer emissions and cleaner fuel sources?

Jones said he “wasn’t sure” about the Paris Agreement, a plan within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to limit emissions and greenhouse gasses. The agreement was negotiated by 195 countries, and signed by the United States on April 22. The agreement’s broad goal is to reduce the increase in average global temperature.

SacBee 1/28/2016

Q: Do you support the Paris agreement?

A: I don’t know how we enforce it. … I am not sure we should still divest our authority in the world and give it to United Nations and other international associations





Annie Ellison 

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