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ELK GROVE, CA – Today, Dr. Ami Bera’s campaign began airing his first television ad of the 2016 CA-7 House race, ‘Difference,’ which will appear widely on broadcast television throughout the Sacramento market.

The positive advertisement highlights Dr. Bera’s record of service both as a doctor and an elected official.

“I first ran for office for the same reason I became a doctor, to make a difference in peoples’ lives,” said Dr. Ami Bera. “That’s why I’m working to ensure our veterans get the benefits they deserve, our seniors can retire in dignity, and our young people can work hard to get ahead. I’ll never stop fighting for the things that matter to Sacramento County families."

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Doctor Ami Bera has always put service first, which is why he believes that Congress should be a place of service. As a doctor who served veterans in VA hospitals, Dr. Bera knows that the mistreatment of veterans in need of medical care is a tragedy, not to mention immoral and un-American. He’s worked across party lines to sponsor, and pass, legislation to decrease wait times for veterans.

Doctor Bera also knows firsthand how critical protecting Medicare is for seniors, and he believes Medicare and Social Security are guaranteed promises and the key to a dignified retirement. Bera has stood up to efforts to privatize Social Security. As a doctor, he is working to reduce waste, abuse, and fraud in Medicare to protect it for the future.

Today as the Representative for California’s 7th Congressional District, Dr. Bera is working night and day to make a difference in the lives of seniors, veterans, and families in Sacramento County.

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A doctor known for making house calls, Ami Bera has also answered the call in Congress.



Dr. Ami Bera
“Reinforcing Social Security and Medicare” The Sacramento Bee, 3/27/14

“Doctors’ prescription to secure Medicare: SGR reform.” Ami Bera and Larry Bucshon, 3/25/15

Despite how it sometimes looks from outside the halls of the Capitol, there are members of Congress, from both sides of the aisle, who are working together to make big, bold decisions for the future of the country. After all, that’s why people like us wanted to serve. We both ran for Congress because we wanted to work to put people before politics to solve this country’s problems, and we believed that medical professionals must be an integral part of the conversation regarding healthcare policy. As members of Congress from opposite parties, we don’t agree on every issue in health care, but we do agree on the fundamental idea that the patient should be at the center of our healthcare decisions.

That’s why we believe a permanent fix to Medicare’s fatally flawed formula for reimbursing Medicare health care providers, the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR), is so important. Developed by Washington in 1997, this formula has seen 17 short-term patches over the last decade, threatening access to health care for millions of Medicare patients and, costing taxpayers $150 billion. However, now it looks like a broad, bipartisan consensus on real reforms that will ensure access to quality care for seniors and help us protect the Medicare promise is within our grasp.


“Bera signs on to bipartisan bill to combat waste, fraud, abuse in Medicare and Medicaid.” Office of Rep. Ami Bera, 2/5/15

Congressman Ami Bera, M.D. today joined with 23 other Members of Congress from both parties to introduce the Preventing and Reducing Improper Medicare and Medicaid Expenditures (PRIME) Act of 2015 to combat waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid.

“As a doctor, I know how important it is to both strengthen Medicare for our seniors and reduce runaway health care costs,” said Bera. “The PRIME Act does just that, ensuring that criminals can’t take advantage of the system and resources get to the people who need them. It’s a commonsense, bipartisan bill that will save billions of taxpayer dollars.


Congressional Letter to President Obama, Rep. Ami Bera et. al., 2/15/13

We write to affirm our vigorous opposition to cutting Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits in any final bill to replace sequestration. Earned Social Security and Medicare benefits provide the financial and health protections necessary to keep individuals and families out of poverty.

That is why we remain deeply opposed to proposals to reduce Social Security benefits through use of the chained CPI to calculate cost-of-living adjustments.


“California’s Rep. Ami Bera hopes for some common ground in 2015.” McClatchy, 1/6/15

Q: You just won a close re-election after an expensive and bruising campaign. What makes it worth it? 

A: We helped folks in the district recover over $1.3 million in benefits. Veterans who were having trouble accessing their benefits. Social Security recipients. Medicare recipients.

“Ami Bera honors pledge to return pension to taxpayers.” Sacramento Bee, 3/27/14

Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove, two years ago promised not to take a congressional pension until key entitlement programs were secured for years into the future.

In addition to underscoring his support for reinforcing Medicare and Social Security, Bera’s pledge also helped draw a contrast in his race against Dan Lungren, who is entitled to taxpayer-funded retirement benefits from service in state and federal office.


“My constituents should not be forced to pay for my retirement when many of their own retirements are still vulnerable,” he said. “That’s why I have pledged to not take a congressional pension until Medicare and Social Security are secure for this and future generations.” 


Fighting for hundreds of local veterans to get the health care they need…


Dr. Ami Bera
Fighting for veterans’ health care
The Sacramento Bee, 6/24/14

“Bera co-sponsors bill to ease hospital wait times for veterans.” Curtis Tate, Sacramento Bee, 6/24/14

Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove, and a Republican House colleague from North Carolina, Mark Meadows, introduced a bill Thursday that would extend visas for U.S.-educated foreign doctors to ease a shortage that's affecting care in veterans hospitals, especially in rural areas.

The bill, named the Doctors Helping Heroes Act, attempts to help fix a widespread problem in the Veterans Administration health care system. Audits have revealed a high percentage of veterans in multiple states who have to wait 30 days or more for appointments with the VA.


“Bera calls for VA chief Shinseki to resign.” Sacramento Bee, 5/29/14

Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove, called Thursday for the resignation of Gen. Eric Shinseki, the head of the Veterans Administration, amid a growing scandal over delayed medical care for veterans.

HR 3230, Vote #467, 7/30/14

Bera: Yea

“Obama signs VA reform bill into law.” The Hill, 8/7/14

President Obama on Thursday signed a $16.3 billion bill to overhaul the troubled Veterans Affairs Department, saying the country had a “sacred duty” to protect its military service members.

The bill, approved by Congress last week, would allow veterans to seek private care outside VA facilities, and would also provide money for the VA to hire more doctors and nurses. The effort came after reports that some veterans had waited months to get care from the VA. 

…and the benefits they’ve earned.

“Congressman Ami Bera Addresses Mather Veterans Village Dedication.” Office of Rep. Ami Bera, 8/31/16

In Sacramento County, Bera’s office has held several resource workshops and career fairs specifically for veterans, and has helped more than 1,700 Sacramento County veterans with their government issues, returning over $1.8 million in owed benefits to veterans and their families.

Bera stood up to those who want to deny women’s health care…


Dr. Ami Bera
“Defender” of Women’s Health
The Sacramento Bee, 9/30/12

“Stop politicizing women’s health care.” Ami Bera, Sacramento Bee, 8/8/15

As one of the few practicing doctors serving in Congress, I understand the real consequences ending federal funding to Planned Parenthood would have for patients.

That’s why I stand with Planned Parenthood and will not vote to defund it. We need to keep politicians out of the exam room and instead work together to make sure women have access to preventive health care.

Recent attacks against Planned Parenthood are about nothing other than politicizing and restricting access to health care.

If organizations and politicians truly were serious about preventing unwanted pregnancies and protecting women’s health, they would be talking about and investing in preventive care, not trying to defund it.

As a doctor, I know that early preventive care is more effective than dealing with problems after they are diagnosed, which is why preventive care makes up more than 90 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services.


“Endorsements: Bera is best for the 7th District.” Editorial Board, Sacramento Bee, 9/30/12

Compared with Lungren, Bera also exudes more compassion for the plight of the middle class. He says he'd work to end tax policies and subsidies that have widened the gap between the ultra-rich and everyone else. We also think Bera would be a better "listener" than Lungren. He certainly would be a stronger environmental advocate. He'd take seriously the threat of climate change and vote against bills that allow coal and oil companies to further damage the atmosphere. On abortion, he'd be a strong defender of a woman's right to choose. 

…and he’s working to build…not bankrupt…our children’s’ future.
Dr. Ami Bera
Building a future for all of our children

“Lawmakers form group to focus on education costs.” Associated Press, 5/1/14

Two California congressmen, Democratic Rep. Ami Bera and Republican Rep. Jeff Denham, said Thursday that they have formed a bipartisan caucus to advocate for the state's public universities and students.

Bera and Denham announced the California Public Higher Education Caucus on Thursday, consisting of 31 members of the state's congressional delegation.

In recent years, the vast majority of states have cut higher education funding as they sought to balance their budgets. A recent study from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says California cut spending by $1,373 per student, adjusting for inflation, since the recession began in late 2007.

The idea for the caucus came at the request of California college students. Its members have not yet decided which specific policies the caucus will support, but the group said the broad goal is to ensure that prospective students are not priced out of attending college.


HR 3751, Federal Student Loan Refinancing Act, 114th Congress

Ami Bera

HR 1595, Student Loan Relief Act of 2013, 113th Congress

Ami Bera 


Dr. Ami Bera.  Because Congress should make a difference.
Dr. Bera:
I’m Dr. Ami Bera and I approve this message.