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  • Dr. Ami Bera Re-Elected to US Congress

    CARMICHAEL, CA - The Associated Press has declared Dr.

  • Dr. Ami Bera's Lead in CA-7 Grows to 4,802 Votes

    CARMICHAEL, CA - Dr. Ami Bera’s lead over Scott Jones in the race for California’s 7th Congressional District grew Wednesday to 4,802 votes following an update from the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters.

    Bera now leads his opponent Scott Jones by more than 2 percent, 119,448 votes to 114,646. 

  • SEIU 1000 Endorses Dr. Ami Bera for Congress

    ELK GROVE, CA - The Service Employees International Union Local 1,000, the largest public sector union in California, has endorsed Dr. Ami Bera for Congress. 

    SEIU, which represents more than 95,000 workers employed by the State of California, joins major unions including the Laborers’ International Union of North America and the California Teachers’ Association in supporting Bera for his record standing up for working families. 

  • LGBTQ Equality Rights Groups Rally to Endorse Dr. Ami Bera

    ELK GROVE, CA - Today, the Bera campaign announced that frontline regional, statewide, and national groups fighting for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Americans endorsed Ami Bera for Congress in California’s 7th Congressional District.

  • The Sierra Club Endorses Dr. Ami Bera for Congress

    ELK GROVE, CA - Today, the largest grassroots environmental organization in the nation endorsed Dr. Ami Berafor Congress in California’s 7th Congressional District.

    The Sierra Club pointed to Dr. Bera’s commitment to growing California’s new energy economy, and his support for innovation in clean energy research and development.

California Rep. Ami Bera Sheds Labels to Reach Across Aisle in Congress

By: Don Chaddock, Managing Editor

FOLSOM, CA - In a sit-down interview at the Folsom Telegraph, Democratic freshman Rep. Ami Bera spoke frankly about the dysfunction he found in the nation’s capital, his accomplishments following his first 10 months in office and what he hopes legislators have learned from the government shutdown.

What did you and your colleagues learn from the government shutdown?

It's Time to Put People First

By Ami Bera, MD

On Tuesday, if the United States Congress fails to pass a temporary funding bill called a continuing resolution, the federal government will shut down. While essential services like air traffic control, and homeland security will continue to function, many employees, including our military serving overseas, will report to work, but not receive pay. Many federal services will also cease: our National Parks will close, visa and passport applications will come to a halt, and the Centers for Disease Control will close. A shutdown will affect millions of Americans, and could also impact our slowly recovering economy.

How did we get to this point of impasse and what can Congress do to begin functioning in some sort of regular process?

Lawmakers Try to Break Gridlock on Capitol Hill

Rep. Ami Bera, an Elk Grove, Calif., Democrat who is pushing a measure to consolidate electronic medical records of the Pentagon and the Veterans Affairs Department, acknowledged that the nine bills wouldn’t tackle the difficult, high-profile issues that have helped create gridlock in Washington.

Bera, though, said Republicans and Democrats can work together on more modest measures to build trust and establish common ground that would make it easier to deal with tougher problems such as immigration legislation, gun control and spending limits.

“First we demonstrate to America how Congress can work, then hopefully we gain some momentum and start tackling more divisive issues,” Bera said.

Bera Introduces Women's Health Bill

Rep. Dr. Ami Bera (D-Elk Grove) earlier this month introduced the Women’s Preventive Health Awareness Campaign Act, a bill aimed at raising awareness about the importance of women’s wellness visits.

“As a doctor, I’ve always made patients’ health my top priority,” he said after introducing the bill on June 20. “Encouraging women to meet regularly with their doctors for wellness visits is essential to keeping our wives, mothers, and daughters healthy.”

National Security

Dr. Bera believes we must be tough and smart not only about challenges we face today, such as securing our borders and fighting terrorism, but also about the emerging threat of nuclear proliferation. If we keep our country strong with sensible policies that foster energy independence and economic competitiveness, we will be better positioned to confront our national security challenges.

Moving Forward with Healthcare

I have spent my professional life caring for people and educating the next generation of doctors. Unfortunately, the system consistently puts bureaucracies before the health of our patients. I have witnessed medical costs skyrocket without seeing patient care improve. And I have treated patients who would be healthier if they could have afforded basic preventive care. This is the result of an industry that puts profits before patients.

Creating a New Energy Economy

Central to our national mission is the mandate to build for future generations.  We now know, however, that many of our present patterns of development and growth are both economically and environmentally unsustainable.  The long-term health, security and prosperity of our nation and world require a transition in how we think about our relationship to energy use and natural ecosystems.  

Job Creation and Economic Recovery

Living in Sacramento County, it is obvious that people are hurting. They are trying to do the right thing, to work hard and care for their families. But too often this is not enough. For too many, America’s promise of opportunity is beginning to seem empty.

It is clear that the Sacramento region has been hit particularly hard by the recent economic downturn. There are also formidable roadblocks to recovery, including slowed GDP growth, tight credit, excess capacity markets, and general cautiousness towards hiring.


Dr. Bera believes that Medicare and Social Security are guaranteed promises and the key to a dignified retirement. As a doctor known for making house calls, he knows firsthand how critical protecting Medicare is for seniors.

Since we sent him to Washington, Dr. Bera has stood up to efforts to privatize Social Security, because he knows that after a lifetime of work and service to our community, we owe it to hardworking men and women to fulfill that promise. It’s who we are as Americans.


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