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Making Washington Work

Sacramento County needs a bold leader who sees Congress as an opportunity to serve. Like the oath I took to become a Doctor, I take another solemn oath to put people first. In Congress -- and I am keeping that pledge. I have: 

  • Sponsored and helped lead the passage of No Budget, No Pay- a law that says if Congress doesn't do their job and pass a responsible budget, they don't get paid. 
  • Opposed Congressional Pay raise several times. And I'll continue to oppose them until unemployment is below 5 percent in Sacramento County.
  • Refused A Congressional Pension until Medicare and Social Security are secure for all Americans.

Moving America Forward

The world is changing. We need the clear vision and united will to move forward as a nation without forsaking the core values that have always made America great. I am running for Congress because I believe the moment is right to bring new energy to the American story, with the faith that together we can establish a more just, compassionate, and healthy world. With the right leadership and a collective effort, we can create:

  • An Economy that encourages competition and innovation. We need a vibrant economy that preserves the jobs we have while creating new ones through job training, especially in clean energy technologies. We can build on the strengths of our local communities by helping small businesses grow and rewarding companies that create good jobs here in Sacramento County.
  • Health Care system that provides compassionate and essential coverage that puts patients ahead of profits. The new health care law is a step towards increasing access to basic medical coverage. However, this is only the first step and we must continue fighting the insurance companies to truly reduce costs.
  • An Education system that provides creative, nurturing, and safe environments for our children, from early education through high school and college. In order to prepare our kids to compete in the global economy and win the best jobs of tomorrow, we have to continue investing in education.
  • Community that is safe and secure. We must renew an ethic of service because our community is stronger when we care for each other. This means ensuring that we have the police officers, firefighters, and teachers we need keep our streets safe and help our children prepare for a brighter future. It also means that the public deserves to know if child predators are nearby, which is why I support Megan's Law and its registration and notification requirements.
  • “Smart” and “Green” approach to using our natural resources to power our communities that is both environmentally and economically wise. We must recognize the crucial intersection of environmental reform, job creation, and national security.
  • Social Security system that continues to protect millions of Americans, of every age, from poverty. We must do more to protect this vital program—which is why I’ve signed a pledge to protect Social Security, and fight all efforts to privatize this program and gamble with our future in the stock market. Protecting Social Security also means keeping government’s hands off of the Social Security Trust Fund. Instead of borrowing against our children’s future, we can reduce our deficit by streamlining government and closing tax loopholes for corporations and the rich.
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work. I support the Lilly-Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 and the Paycheck Fairness Act to protect employers from gender-based wage-discrimination. Supporting equal pay for equal work and protecting employees from wage discrimination isn’t just the right thing to do, it also provides vital support to working families who are struggling to make ends meet during these difficult times. 

Please join me to move America forward, reclaim the dream, and create a more whole and prosperous future for us all.